Our life has different phases. The transitioning phase is one of them. I call it the Chiron Return, because your Chiron (asteroid) is connected to your menopause. Chiron, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune as well as your progressed Moon all have a deeper connection with the phase which for many will be the most significant.

The phase runs between the ages of 48 and 53. (from Aries to Virgo). It is based on your time of birth. What is common to all of us is that menopause takes its starting point from the family dynamic that you were born into; the energy that you carry with you. For better and for worse. Both what is balanced, and what is unbalanced. What you can see, but also what you can’t see. The theme has been posted. The theme plays out generation after generation. Even if you think you don’t “look like” the family you come from. Or don’t want to be associated with them.

I start by seeing when you have your first squares to the above planets. This is because precisely these planets hold our energy heritage. I base it on the time before you were conceived, but also your fetal state. The planets are inside the behavior patterns where we react inappropriately until we heal them. Your birth chart tells you what are your issues in life.

Changing behavior heals – working with guilt and violation heals

Menopause, in its simplicity, is about getting in touch with the energy that resides in Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. Chiron takes care of all that. I promise you! During menopause, you will experience that your body reacts and regenerates. This applies to pain, illness, dietary changes, exercise, rest and the psyche. Chiron connects to all of that and makes sure you are awakened. You have the opportunity for a higher consciousness. An awareness that you have not had before. An awareness that you can use to your advantage for the rest of your life.  In short, the body reacts to everything that you have not taken care of during your life. You will get a replay of what you should adress. In new disguises. Menopause is the perfect time to stop and look inward. Look at the pain that sits in the body.

Your body is talking to you. Each pain is connected to the planets during your menopause.  A good example is when a square (an aspect) hits Pluto, we can feel coercion, manipulation, powerlessness, helplessness and paralysis. During imbalance, we seek isolation as a solution to the problem. It rarely helps, and the body reacts further. Pluto wants us to let go of control, resentment, stubbornness, revenge, anger and isolation. Pluto wants trust, control and the will to live. And Pluto can do all that when you go through menopause with new eyes, self-healing, awareness and, not least, love. Love yourself – this opens you to love from others.

“Remember that no one seeks revenge without prior history”

Chiron is conjunct to Mars. Mars is the body. You can expect physical pain or changes as you work with yourself. Even the mood is affected. It does so, because we are dealing with Pluto. Pluto is connected to your root chakra. All the needs that you haven’t previously adressed are embedded in the root chakra. They are now transformed into anger. Underneath the anger is what made you upset. Anger is awakened during this period. You believe that this is the situation that you are facing. I see it as the body’s response to the realization of unresolved trauma.  Therapeutically, walking away from the “challenge” is not a solution. It is just an isolation which is connected to Pluto. Neither does it help to think that it’s everybody else’s problem.

The others are you – the others represent everything that you should have looked at yourself.  The feeling is inside you, and must be solved within you. When the feeling is healed, the frustration at others dissolves. Not before. The healing lies in approaching and releasing the energy. It is transformation. And that is exactly what Pluto can do. The more you work on “healing” Pluto, the more it will transform into a fantastic power in your birth chart. Exactly in the house in which it landed.

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