WELCOME TO MY UNIVERSE WITH PALM READING – Immersion, Self-Understanding and Insight

My name is Malene Kraft Scharling and for as long as I can remember, I have been interested in everything that we cannot see, but that we feel. For over 22 years I have worked professionally with palmistry & astrology. I am also a trained healer and therapist. I combine my skills in all my treatments & workshops, so you get a whole. I am passionate about helping people. I am passionate about making a difference for you.

I am a seasoned geek in my field. I am rarely satisfied with knowledge that does not have a context. I examine knowledge daily and love to research to see new results. I often question what I thought I knew.




I give you words, tools and exercises that will help open your way into your own power. Through your own power you manage to feel, feel and listen. You will move under your own power.

I can help you get to know yourself. I can help you listen to yourself. I can help you with your focus so that you become you. I can help you learn from the world around you, but especially the baggage you carry with you.

The most important prerequisite for you to find answers yourself is that you can listen to yourself. All people have a fundamental power within them – all people are born with a strong intuition. Both power and intuition can be weakened over time. Both power and intuition must be nurtured.

You can choose 1:1 treatments where only you are at the center. You can choose to come once, but you can also come several times. You will find your overview here. I have sessions for both children, young people and adults.





It is an important part of my work to understand and integrate Jung’s theories. They help me guide you in the best way. Jung also used astrology as a support tool. He considered it necessary to understand the unconscious. To understand the traumas that are left in time. So do I.

Your body remembers all experiences. All experiences are experienced in a certain form of energy. The energy is influenced by human intentions and expectations. It is the form of energy that determines the return you get. I therefore work to get back to the first time you experienced that the energy was inappropriate for you. Both hands and planets can help with this.

I help you gain clarity, courage and energy to change your behavior so that you can heal the energy that is in your body.

Part of the energy work is based on an understanding of power struggles (dominance/manipulation/control), which start in childhood, but also dysfunctional and entrenched family patterns and control dramas, which continue into adulthood and working life, until we have dealt with what we come from. Energy understanding is therefore an important starting point in my treatments & workshops.



I can recommend you Astrological Hand Reading, where I have quite a few treatments to offer you. It is important that you book your date of birth now if you haven’t already?

Astrological Hand reading is the reading of your blind drawing, your hands and your horoscope. It is a deeper reading that gives you an understanding of your theme, challenges and strengths within the area you would like to study. I can look back in time (even before you came to) but also infinitely forward in time.

The reading focuses on you, your process and your behaviour.

I have longer preparation time for Astrological Hand Reading. I spend many hours getting to know you as a person before you come to me. I use astrology programs to form an overview. In addition, I have my own specially developed planet program that collects your data so that I can translate it into words that make sense to you. My words are written especially for you and not generated either on the computer or via AI.




I always record your reading so you can hear it again. But most of all, when you listen to the file again, you will discover that you are listening with different ears, but also that there are many layers to my words. Many of you come back and tell us that you feel that you are being healed at the hearing. You do too.

“Thank you so much for another great session. You really do something special”
“What an experience and what an energy”
“It has been a one-stop experience to be with you”
“It’s so crazy how accurate your description is – right down to the dates”

You are the most important person in your life
You are the one to listen to
You are the one who finds the way

Nothing is as beautiful as taking care of yourself – so you can also be there for others


If you want to be able to read yourself on your own, or if you are simply curious, sign up for one of my many workshops. Astrology, hand reading, blind drawing and therapy tools are repeated at all workshops. The starting point is you – and of course the other participants in the team.

I love to teach. My teams are characterized by seriousness, knowledge and experience. You will quickly discover that there is no quick shortcut to knowledge, but that you yourself have to do some work with training, focus and persistence. I’ll help you on your way.

I teach how energy works. I teach you the templates that I use as a shortcut to my knowledge. I provide you with adequate material, as well as your completely personal template, which you must use in the lessons. My teaching will make you aware and hopefully make you see yourself and the outside world in a new and rewarding way – read more here.