Mars is your thumb

Mars is the planet of action, drive, energy, logic, willpower, impact – well, in short, your energy. In palmistry, the thumb is called Mars. And that makes sense. Because it is the thumb that gives life to the other fingers. It is the finger that can suddenly bring everything to a standstill – even if everything has been made clear. And it is the finger that gives life energy.

At the time of writing – the end of October 2020 we have Mars in retrograde. This means, in relation to the hands and your blind drawing, that many of the things you want to do may have a very low energy level. It means you don’t have energy for things. Mars tends to be the finger that gets up every morning and supplies the rest of the hand (=body) with energy for the day. That’s just not the case with Mars right now. Mars is on holiday. And Mars is waiting for the holiday period (which is a retrograde period) to go direct again.

Mars gets affected

The strange thing about Mars right now is that it is affected by the other fingers and areas, which by the way also have planetary names and thus does not get the necessary support to do the work or gather energy.

By trying to make a blind drawing, you can quickly see if your thumb is big or small. I always read in relation to the whole hand. If the thumb is more or less vertical, it seeks to be allowed to work. But if, on the other hand, it is more or less horizontal, then you and your body need a break and rest.

The thumb is also your physical body, and it is the one that gossips when there are information, feelings, energies, thoughts and actions that you overhear. Then Mars complains. It gets sad, irritated and tired. And it will be visible in the thumb.

If you have a ring on your thumb, you are trying to make yourself clear to the world around you. You are looking for a stronger identity.

The thumb is a symbol of your human status. It depicts your personality and the traces you leave on the world around you when you are alive. The thumb is where you get the energy from. It is your “drive”. The thumb changes as you change. The more anonymous the thumb is, the more anonymous you are compared to other people.

In short, your thumb is your energy tank!