How often can I get a palm reading?

When the hands need help

.How often can I get a palm reading?

Most clients revisit again and again. In this case, I will focus on reading your present, to supplement my previous reading of your personality. We all change when the bigger energies around us change or when you get to know yourself. When you change, your hands evolve.

How often depends on your situation

Clients who revisit tend to use palm reading as a tool for self-development, to get through difficult times or simply to confirm or elaborate on certain aspects. I recommend that you only use palm reading as inspiration. It should never be a definite or exhaustive list. It is your life, for you to live, so it can be as you want it.

When you have your palms read for the 2nd time etc., you are much more consciouss of how a palm reading can help you develop further. You gradually get to know yourself, based on the information that the palms tell you. It is a psychologically powerful tool to develop your self awareness and to also understand the situation or life crisis that you may find yourself in. The palms and the “blind drawing” will always be based on you and your life here and now. I do not read on other people around you, only you.

How often – the short answer: Once a year

In case of difficult traumas, diagnoses, situations etc., it however makes no sense to have your palms read. Here, other forms of treatment or therapeutics should be used.

Palmistry is increasingly used by “non-alternative people” as a supplement or tool for personal development, because it is tangible, simple and easily understood.